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I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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    Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))

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    That won't happen

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    I’m subscribed already I love you guy’s keep up the great work 👍🏻👍🏻 Sup

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    I’ve been subbed to all ur channel and it’s my dream to meet u and me and my family are trying to save

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    I think Jak and Michelle won there tide they both both won 🏆

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    Biggest simp ever

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    dont touch the tip touches the tip//

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    I think zhc is becoming the artist version of mr beast

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    "zack: the prize is 5000 dollars!" also zack: :oh, my bad accidently added an extra 0

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    ion like the baby talk

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    When the green dude shirt i thought it was dream xD

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    They say curiosity killed the cat.

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    i would really really love it if i could be in your vid and it would just be a dream of mine if i could pls:) pick me

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    What brand and model is the 3D pen they use?

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    me and my sister are HUGE!!!!!!!!! fans and are mom won't buy us phones we would be the most apprechiataful if you would custimize a phone for me and my sister comment on video if you want are address

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    Love your vids

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    Remember when he use to draw

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    I think kenz is gonna win

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    what kind of brand do u use for pastel markers

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    Hey, ima BIG BIG fan. I need a new phone.Mine is broken,so im asking for a iphone 11 with 2 cases a dog a volleyball and my profil picter.So,please i subscribed and hit the bell to ALL i love you r vids, i liv in U.S.A i liv far but can you ship it pretty pretty please! :) Love,Ev

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    oh and thank you i been waching sisns 2014

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    oh and say:, to evelyn G whitney at U.S.A. can you get my sister a ipad purple unicorn and a dog. thanks

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    ILove you

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    Zhc sup

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    which pens u use for customizing phones

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    Nariesha Ramkelawan9 घंटे पहले I do art on there so maybe we could help eachother out

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    ZHC:welcome to another video were I copy mrbeast

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    No one: Michelle:*farts*

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    i liked and subscribed

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    i think Micheal ist female Chandler 😂

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    Hi zhc

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    *Jesus Christus ist der Sohn Gottes, der von den Toten gestorben und auferstanden ist uns das ewige Leben zu geben.* *Er versprach auch, um Ihren Körper zu heilen. * *Das ist wahre Liebe!!!* *(Schau zum Himmel und frag Gott)*

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    You guys are so so good at art

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    Aye mn jus wanna say ur so good can u teach me some of ur ideas n knowlage

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    *Gott zeigte seine Liebe zu uns durch seinen Sohn Jesus Christus zu senden, der von den Toten gestorben und auferstanden ist uns das ewige Leben zu geben.* *Er versprach auch, um Ihren Körper zu heilen.* *(Schau zum Himmel und frag Gott)*

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    All of them are cool

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    Nooo mashal have to win

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    Hhi love u all stay safe please paint bts members plsssssss I beg you

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    do intro for zhc

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    I love all your art work everyone is so talented.

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    Soon as he said time is up my alarm went off 😂😂😂

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    Can you please give me your phone number

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    Zhc is now another version of mr beast

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    i would really appreciate it if you send me something

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    I like mekenzies um craft Mckenzie’s is one of my fav member

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    BUT WHY ARE YOU CALLING THEM IF YOU DON’T WIN THEY JUST BE LIKE: Why are they not calling back 😢

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    Oh wow Philippines thats cool i live in Philippines, i love watching his vids that's super cool

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    Ivy looks like he or she is ✨mindblown✨ with that 🏆afro🏆✋😂 (No hate, Just Jokes😂)

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    When u are BTS fan and also a ZHC fan and spot a iconic line told by V (bts member)…....i was soo shocked, i also saw BTS in the customizing of a truck for zack time pls do a bts drawing or customize something with BTS.......thank u in advance.............

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    Michelle have a cool art why did she lost 😭😭😭

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    Is it just me or when jaz came out of the pool she looked like charli damelio

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    Mr.Beast Content be like.

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    I like naps too and my teacher ask if I was paying attention and ask me what is 10 dimes with 5 and I said uMMMM I don't know...

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    funny thing is when I got my 3D pen (3 years ago) and then one year after and that's how I just knew how to use it and now I am laughing at my self cause I look at them and think I am so stupid they like knew and read the instructions not like me didn't find it

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