ഇങ്ങനെയൊക്കെയാണ് കരിക്ക് || Exclusive Interview with Karikku Team || StarJam | RJ Rafi


ഇതാണ് കരിക്ക്... ഇങ്ങനെയൊക്കെയാണ് കരിക്ക് ... Exclusive Interview with Karikku team
StarJam with Karikku team || RJ Rafi
Karikku is a Malayalam digital platform which was founded by Nikhil Prasad in 2018.The platform became popular by the first Webseries called "Thera Para". Karikku has different business verticals including Content creation, music label, merchandising and influencer marketing. The main verticals of Karikku are Fliq, Tuned, Fuse, Zero and Wybe.
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Club FM, Kerala No.1 FM, has been delivering tons of fun to Malayalee audiences for 14 years, living up to its popular tagline "ton kanakkinu fun". Born from the house of Mathrubhumi in the year 2007 with its first station in Thrissur, Club FM soon expanded to Kannur, Trivandrum, Kochi, Dubai, Kozhikode and Alappuzha, capturing the hearts of millions through well-crafted shows, affable and vibrant RJs and unlimited music curated by experts in the field.
Club FM playlist is an assorted one which includes various genres, the evergreens and the latest hits in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. Recognizing the popularity of the station and the versatility of the content, Club FM has been awarded numerous International and National Awards of excellence over the years.
Having always been the patron of change and growth within and around , the brand underwent a re-branding exercise and relaunched on 18 January 2021 in an all New Avatar, the Club FM logo adorning the fresh and effervescent colours of yellow and black and the content embracing a "new normal" format with the primary focus on the listener in real time. The "U" in new ClUb FM is every listener, every Malayalee who is a free-thinker, youthful and intelligent. Tovino Thomas, the dynamic Malayali actor with a huge fanbase, who has never shied away from making his opinions and known for his bold and liberal choices of movies, is the brand ambassador of the Reborn ClubFM. Be sure to catch some amazing content on Club FM, informative and musical, but more than everything, be ready to become a part of us, sharing your opinions, your moods, your experiences, because ClUb FM is all about "U".
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