I Took Tommy Shopping...


I met Tommy in real life and took him shopping! It was very awesome.
gents: @TommyInnit @JackManifoldTV
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Today I met TommyInnit (creator of the Minecraft But and also You Laugh You Lose challenge), & Jack Manifold in real life! It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog. This is a vlog like other vloggers but I am the best vlogger. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. It was so fun and Pog Champ


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    Just realized tubbo with the quackity merch-

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    Jack is looks like Willi Wonka using the WIG

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    Tubbo we need merch NOW

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    Thanks Usa California Beverly hills

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    I wanna be ther friend so bad like it looks so fun

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    Jack officially a badass?!?!?!😳

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    i ship tommy and tubbo -.-

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    I’m disappointed about the lack of bees. The video would be immeasurably better with more bees Dr Bees AWAY!!!

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    Damn I got Tommy x Tubbo vibes when tubbo refused to pay for thing and Tommy was just like lemme abuse my power of being tall for a bit

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    Jackmanifold with a wig looks like a recreation of willy Wonka

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    I know gogynit

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    3:00 he looks like a blue willy wonka

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    they censor the "s**" but i save it before they do i-

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    Watching the video he said I will hit tubbo if you sub I subbed and he hit tubbo

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    Me : sees tommy in the background * OH HECK

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    tubo can i join your discord??????????????

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    Are we gonna ignore the fact that this whole video is taken in an iPhone?

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    didnt know tommy was tall

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    Kellogg’s are the best cereal

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    i want george goggy

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    if I saw TommyInnit (or any mcyts ~the British ones are my fave~) in public ~mind you I am American~ I'd A. freak the f**k out, B. I'd take a selfie with them and send it to my friends C. Make them sign my phone (I always carry a pen)

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    Tommy in stream: “WHATS UP CHATTTTT” Tommy with a fan: "Hello nice to meet you”

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    Tommy has literally has a stack of those red and white shirts

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    tommy is like a little child going shopping with his parents "game, game GAME, GAME!," lmfao

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    DAPPA 😂

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    hi tubbo i like your vids can u make more

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    Dream: so today we coded it so whenever tubbo gets a subscriber tommy hits him

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    “We are not getting a wig-“ *walks out of store with stylish wig on”

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    I subed

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    Me and my friends made a petition for you to not grow up. We have about 35-40 signatures, even our teacher signed it.

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    You can't grow up Tubbo

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    Okay hear me out blue bees

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    why does jack look like willy wonka LMAO

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    if tommy and tubbo were brothers nothing would change

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    Tommy loves cex

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    Ik tommy has money to buy a new big man jacket.

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    cex is nice store for buy games

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    I did injoy

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    1:52 2:03 2:35 3:52 5:20 6:10

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    I now realize at the end of the video I was smiling the whole time

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    wyjebało mi na główną xd

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    Willy Wonka with blue hair...

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    just remember. Tubbo is older than Tommy

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    tubbo you NEED to visit ireland !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! preferably dublin

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    they went to game and DIDNT GET A FORTNITE CARD

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    *tommy touching all the keyboards durring a pandemic is me*

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    jack manifold: my mum the subtitles: my mom

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    The fact he looks like a crazy grandma in the picture.

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    7:09 had me dead

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    @bofooit gojo i agree

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    Taking tommy in a mall is a recipe for disaster

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    Русские есть?

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    Tubbo and Tommy: making waves Me: HEATWAVES 💚💙

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    tommy acting like a bad ass leaving through the open door but yet his shoes are untied lmao

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    Tubbo u must answer ro this if u see it do u like ranboo more or tommy more?

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    "Making waves" Me who goes to swimming lessons called making waves:*visible confusion*

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    I’d be scared to wear something like that in public!

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    is it just me or do they have brain damage?

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    TommyInnit makes shopping 1000% funnier

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    The blue wig on Jack is a vibe 😂

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    4:08 HE SOUNDS LIKE FUCKING JEFFY FROM SML (search it up if you wanna know who he is but he says why weridly

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    Taking tommy in a mall is a recipe for disaster

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    Tubbo: I took Tommy shopping. Tubbo’s wallet and credit card: HAVE MERCY PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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    Tubbo my mom said that I can get some merch (maybe) on the school holidays and ur like my favourite youtuber

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    Tubbo am I Tommy’s little sis???? Bc when I laugh I sound like a girl version of him👁👄👁.

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    I realize that im not subscribing Tubbo ; - ;

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    If you want to hear the gospel, press read more..... Jesus died for our sins, he suffered and did nothing wrong. A crown of thorns was dug into his skull, was whipped 39 times, then was forced to carry a giant wooden cross up a hill. Then finally, was crucified and suffered the full wrath if God, he rose once more three days later. Believe this, and you will inherit eternal life.

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    Who else got an add at 3:19 am telling them to go to bed and make fun of me

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    _"Hi, are you alright, do you wanna get a photo?"_ It's cute how Tommy talks in a higher pitch when a fan recognizes him and asks for a photo or something.

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    Okay maybe there is a glitch... I keep getting un subscribed from tubbo

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    Imagine seeing jackmanifold walking around in a blue wig looking like coraline

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    6:49 did the captions say "gentilemen"?

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    Nice video keep it up make more related videos

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    Tubbo if you touch any pokemon I will unsubscribe

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    36 seconds into the video and we already got an influencer moment

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    Tommy saying why is so wholesome

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    tommy innit:Why why i like it as f

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    Everyone Gangsta intill Tommy jumps in the elevator.

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    :| were gettin a wig well oof them your getttin them you fancy bi's wow~ well i cant stop my self swearin ahhhhh name fatner son holy spirit amen;-;