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The sound of success is strung with notes.
Notes of despair.
Of grit and rigour.
Of the pit of fire.
Fueled by dreams and passion.
Of the journey that shakes confidence.
Of the journey that shapes character.
The sound of success is loud.
But the silence of hard work and perseverance speaks louder.
So, rekindle the dreams,
Rebuild the path.
For those who crack it, seldom give up.
They keep going amidst all odds,
For passion is undefeatable.
#TheGreatestLesson feat. Sachin Tendulkar


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    God of Cricket

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    God forever

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    Here also uncademy started classes

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    Does anyone know the name of the background music?

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    My Entire Childhood can be relived through this ONE AD,Thank you UNACADEMY!

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    Sachin's batting and Tony Greg's commentary. Epic Combination. As long as Sachin was on crease there was hope.

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    But why

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    0:47 what the fuck is Tom Cruise doing there

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    Itne kam likes kaise...

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    Which bgm is this

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    Congrution 100 millions 👍👍👍❤️❤️

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    Every single time i watch this it made me emotional 😊

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    When I feel low I watch this and my energy is full active now. Failure is the fuel of champions. Soar...Roar

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    2:05 - 2:14 goosebumps moment What a player what a wonderful player 😍💞😘

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    101 million view🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 अद्भुत ,अद्वितीय, अकल्पनीय.न भूतो न भविष्यति सचिन तेंदुलकर❤❤❤


    Fun fact-you are here not for the first time 😂

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    That 52k dislikes bc kaha se aate hai ye log, kya hai is video mai dislike karne jaise

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    Don't compare sachin with your lowest degraded unacademy



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    Arey uncle ji kabhi dekha kya unacademy ya bathroom mai ja ke hilate rehto ho kya .



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    Tune kya ukhad liya jindagi mai🙄

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    "failure the fuel of champions"" is absolutely true nobody can be successful without failures hit a like on this video

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    Shoaib akhtar bowling in full flow and sachin tendulkar batting in his prime...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Cricket fans of current generation will never feel and. watch that height of competitiveness again.. cricket was much more competitive 20 years ago. now its just a batsman's game with big bats,average speed bowling and small grounds

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    tbhi toh sachin sabka God hain😎😎

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    Also one video for Dhoni

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    Jali na

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    dhobi isnt at sachin level...sachin baap hain dhoni ka..😂😂...

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    Awesome, 101Million views......

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    2:06 looks like car

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    yes, it was desert storm match on 22april,1998...sachin destroyed australia lonely..after this inning of sachin ,india qualified for worldcup...then after match BMW AS CAR reward was given to sachin😎

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    bad ewwwwwwwwwww

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    Get well soon Sachin Paaji

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    100 million Views... who are those 52k....

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    The plus point is each view on this video will motivate that Individual

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    Their is 2 best thing 1st sachin 2nd tony greig ( sarjaha ki commentary )

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    G- SERIES Songs

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    God knows why people compare Kohli with the genius Sachin..

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    100 million 🔥

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    emotions , feelings, encouragement all in one video

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    @Green screen 76

  • Ruthi Rengpuii

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    Sachin Tendulkar......! What a wonderful player.....!

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    10k like in one month please

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    Thank you unacademy. Answers to every dreamers. & Thank you whose idea, it is. 🙏

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    Love Sachin sir ❤️ from PAKISTAN lots of love ❤️

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    If this does not gets you tears or goosebumps I bet nothing else will

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    No tears but goosebumps

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    True that. Sad part is, not many kids of today would understand the value of the great man.

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    Full of motivation .,....this is the best video ....thanks for making this video ....... I need one more videos ... Please ... make as soon as possible

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    Can anyone know Music name ?

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    52k dislikes..... Those who think Dhoni , Virat & Rohit are fathers to This Legend Haven't seen the Era where every team fought to win the battle against a One-man Army



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    They are unacademy plus subscribers

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    @Simakh Simakh .k So called farmers

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    They are farmers

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    I don't think anyone thinks that 🙄

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    This is why sachin is god🔥🔥

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    100 million views Kya fan following hai bhai

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    Bilkul yrr 😊😊

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    jitna motivation tha ye dekhkr wo bhi decrease ho gya. 😂

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    Tum log chutiya Hi rhoge

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    Good girl

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    Bgm was next level

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    Bhagwan toh Bhagwan hota hai , God ✊✊✊✊✊

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    I am contacting with like as your same play batting but spin left handed I paly with my freind who can't tell his name but his betting play similar of you and was daily bowling to him many haurs butt he is not make his career and sachin tendulkar alyways in his herat and my favorite bowler brett le and capy this my action

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    @Rahul Kumar arey don't worry..tumne acha likha hain...kbhi kisi se mt DRo..yha pr koi sashi tharoor nhi hain..dheere dheere u will learn more English.

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    Sorry mujhe itni english nhi aati bs koshish krli

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    Our क्रिकेट God my best friend

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    Love him all world

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    What more motivation do you need after watching this.....🔥🔥

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    Looks like National Geography music

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    Every morning I wake up and first watch this movie my energy is 1000% increase

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    Yaa sachin sachin.... Emotion 😍

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    Even i do that

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    What an advertisement, i had ever seen or motivated fantastic ...👌👌👍👍team

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    Still seeing after 4 weeks

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    Had Ronan saini from this generation there would have been some cricket joker here...but our generation knows what Sachin is ....

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    If you are good at something never do it for free

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    Dislikers from pak

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    What is the back ground song. Can anyone say

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    I quit watching cricket after his retirement.. tysm for the memories sir.. the best or u say it bestest batsman ever...

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    Does anyone know about the background score? Is it there on the internet?

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    *Sachin wasn't the tallest, strongest, most cunning, most patient, most aggressive, or anything else, all he knew was to get back again on the crease after the debacle, this, yes this made him the 'GOD'. Lesson learnt.* 🙏🇮🇳

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    Sachin..... Sachin......

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    Ye Unacademy exactly kis chiz ka platform hai

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    beauty parlour ka course krwata hai didi

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    @Anand Tv 😂😂

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    Physics wallah kis chij ka h 🙄🙄

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    Sachin sachin... 🙏🙏The great Indian cricketer

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    Nice Video..but if the success clips were more than the failure clips, it would've been nicer... Cheers anyway and advance 100M+ views wishes...🍻

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    Praying for 100 millions view

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    Very nice Sir ji.

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    Today I have failed in CA inter , August I will edit my comment 🔥

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    Hope that Best of luck

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    Unacademy be like - sala aaj pakistan ki beijjati marte hai

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    super ,, great Sachin Tendulkar,, god

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    Did unacademy get the copyrights??

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    Continuity and differentiability class 12 complete revision for boards (handwritten notes + practice ques + previous year questions) - instatus.info/title/v-iy/mKTTepjYg77VmZI.html

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    51 k dislikes y sbhi high level generation ke h

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    Normally I skip the INstatus ads but this ad grabbed my attention that I watched the whole ad and searched for this to like the video 🔥♥️

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    1:58 that is an absolute nightmare for the bowler

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    Still millions of people post's hate comments against him and tells he played for himself... And supports dhoni.... But fuck those haters... Cause not only million.. Billions of people loves him... 🙂

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    Make a video on dhoni

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    Dhoni is God🤟

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    G- SERIES Songs

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    Dhoni aur god 😂

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    ' 'This video does not suit the organization's channel '' wise people will understand this.

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    Are harami ho sachin Tendulkar ko is add m krna tha .to Sachin ko bold hi kyu dikhaya, chakke marte huye kyu nhi dikhaya, age. Se asa add nhi dekha jayy

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    chutye schin ki yahi video dikhae ko rah gyi thee

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    Warne reaction was priceless

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    The true GOAT


    Am Proud to be born in the era of Sachin Tendulkar & MS Dhoni

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    @Sayan Ghosh I am proud to be born in era of Sachin and Ganguly

  • Paradox


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    @Sayan Ghosh shut up he is proud of both and it is his feelings who R u to tell.

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    Don't write dhonis name beside God Sachins name..... Not dhoni hater but should respect the God...

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    Awesome 😎

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    He is god a lot of player played well but that passion was only for sachin in public hearts

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    Background music?

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    You guys need to include two more sixes 1. Andrew Caddick six in world cup 2. Shoaib acthar in world cup 2003 too

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    #TheGreatestLesson #SachinUnacademyFilm #Unacademy 1. The most beautiful memmory I had of him of when he once hit a upper cut against Sri Lanka in such a beautiful manner he just touched and lofted the bouncer little above and it went on to hit just the boundary line for Six ...such a beauty beauty he had in his skill 2. The greatest lesson I learnt I learn from this film is that we must never feel demotivated from our failures becoz they are the greatest teachers of life , just learn and bounce back !

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    He and lara defined Hope ,freedom and Champion. In 90s we Indians needed these 3 things badly